Teste online, hehe

Ma uitam acu prin mailurile mele vechi, si am gasit ceva teste de pe la tickle…

M-au facut sa zambesc:) Sunt facute de pe la inceputul anului 2006 pana’n zilele noastre, cand nu prea aveam eu ce face:)

Aci sunt cateva quote din cadrul lor:

Victor Teodor, your true color is YELLOW

You’re yellow, the color of joy and energy — two things you definitely bring to everyone around you. It’s hard for anyone to be sad or lonely in your presence; your sunny disposition and cheery outlook just won’t allow it. The warmth of your personality shines through in the kindness you show friends and family (and strangers, too). Always ready with a lighthearted joke or heartfelt compliment, you know how to make people feel good about themselves, so they can’t get enough of you. Yellow is a warm and inviting color for a warm and inviting person — you!

Victor Teodor, your values help make you a Privacy Guardian

Even when left alone with someone’s most valuable secrets, you appear to be one of those rare people who could forego the opportunity to snoop. Because you’re one who usually places a high value on privacy — yours as well as other people’s — you’re someone who can ordinarily be trusted not to let the skeletons out of other people’s closets. Because you like to keep your business to yourself and prefer that others do the same, you’re not likely to become embroiled in others’ battles or concerns. You’re more apt to feel that it’s better to focus on your own actions and welfare, rather than face the potential consequences of meddling.

Victor Teodor, your sexual personality is Phi-ELDN-9.

Your sexual personality is determined by your sexual persona (Phi), 4 sexual scales (Emotional/Physical, Look/Touch, Daring/Modest, Verbal/Non-verbal), and your libido score (9).

As a Phi, you have a good sense of yourself and your sexuality. You know how to turn on the sex appeal when it suits your needs, and have a fair amount of confidence when it comes to your sexual performance.


Victor Teodor, the right jobs for you would allow you to be Creative and Personable

You’re a visionary in many people’s eyes — able to think outside of the box to come up with your own solutions. You’re creative not necessarily in the artistic sense, but because you can expand your mind to do things differently from others.

It might take a while for colleagues to recognize and reward for your entrepreneurial spirit and abilities. That could be because they envy you, or because they find your ideas slightly rebellious — willing to go against the current.

All in all, you make it hard for people to pigeon hole you. That is why you, more than others, need a job that allows you to play to your strengths, break out of the mold, and truly excel.

Victor Teodor, your confidence level is high

As a result, you may tend view yourself as a wonderful, lucky, or energized person. However you probably also have your days when you don’t feel so hot. After all, you’re only human. Because of your usual high level of self-acceptance and belief in yourself, you’re generally open and accepting of others. People who come in contact with you likely appreciate this generous nature and may seek out your company.

Your intelligence seems to be the trait that you most value in yourself of the five main traits that affect confidence. You also seem to appreciate this characteristic in others.

Victor Teodor, you are Right-brained

Most right-brained people like you are flexible in many realms of their lives. Whether picking up on the nuances of musical concerto, appreciating the subtle details in a work of art, or seeing the world from a different perspective, right-brained people are creative, imaginative, and attuned to their surroundings.

People probably see your thinking process as boundless, and that might translate to your physical surroundings as well. Some people think of you as messier than others. It’s not that you’re disorganized, it’s just that you might use different systems to organize (by theme, by subject, by color). Straight alphabetization and rigidly ordered folders are not typical of right-brained behavior.

You are also more intuitive than many. When it comes to reading literature, you probably prefer creative writing or fiction over nonfiction. And when it comes to doing math, you might find you enjoy geometry more than other forms like algebra.

Victor Teodor, you’re an Observer!

That means you’re one of the more kind-hearted people around. You are unusually intuitive, and you probably understand yourself, as well as others. That also means you’re a good mediator — though you may prefer to spend more quiet time on your own than most.

Because of the self-knowledge you already possess, you are better equipped than many to steer your life in the right direction. Understanding more about the components of your personality will reveal unique information that even people like you might not realize. And the better you know yourself, the more confident you’ll be making decisions that affect your life.

Victor Teodor, when it comes to psychic abilities, you have an unusually strong talent in the area of Clairvoyance

This means you have an uncanny ability to see things that others can’t. Transcending space, your mind is able to see physical objects from a distance, especially when they are particularly relevant to you or someone you know. For instance, you may suddenly get the feeling that there is a major traffic jam down the street from where you’re driving and will know to avoid the area and take another route. Or perhaps a friend has lost a valuable piece of jewelry, and you get the sense that it is in their bathroom; later you find out that indeed that is where they found it.

Victor Teodor, your best quality shines through in how Independent you are

The fact that you’re an independent person who is usually able to handle things in a self-sufficient manner really draws people to you! But that’s not the only thing. Your answers on the test indicate you’re an inventive and creative person who usually has an abundance of imagination and ideas. You are a person who is curious, loves to experiment, and tries new things, too.

In all, there are 15 qualities that help define you when you’re at your best. Those are the traits potential employers, friends, and partners look for in you. What makes you unique is your particular distribution of those 15 qualities.

Victor Teodor, the brightest color in your aura is Red

Contrary to popular myth, auras are actually multi-colored energy fields that can be divided into seven primary layers. Having Red as your brightest color means that the first layer of your aura is the most vibrant. You most likely experience exceptional physical health, which gives you great vitality and energy. Your deep connection to your body makes it easier for you to express your spirit, and you’re more open than most to cultivating life’s lessons.

Acu… ce sa zic? nu prea imi vine sa cred in ele 100%. O parte, asa or fi, o parte dunno:) si o parte sigur nu. Dar ca si punct pentru a te distra facand teste online, Tickle.com e un loc ca oricare altul. Sigur veti zambi facandu-le

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Un răspuns la Teste online, hehe

  1. Kris spune:

    Ce vechi e postul asta, abia acum l-am gasit. Sa stii de la mine ca ti se potriveste tot ce scrie acolo. Cred ca te cunosc destul de bine sa spun asta. 😀

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